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Hino oficial do Jubileu da Misericórdia

The Authors of the original music (Paul Inwood) and text (Eugenio Costa, S.J.) have donated the copyright in this work to the PCPNE in order to ease diffusion of the Hymn of the Jubilee of Mercy throughout the Catholic Church.

Misericordes sicut Pater

Give thanks to the Father, for He is good
He created the world with wisdom
He leads His people throughout history
He pardons and welcomes His children

Give thanks to the Son, Light of the Nations
He loved us with a heart of flesh
As we receive from Him, let us also give to Him
Hearts open to those who hunger and thirst

Let us ask the Spirit for the seven holy gifts
Fount of all goodness and the sweetest relief
Comforted by Him, let us offer comfort
Love hopes and bears all things

Let us ask for peace from the God of all peace
The earth waits for the Good News of the Kingdom
Joy and pardon in the hearts of the little ones
The heavens and the earth will be renewed

© 2015 Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization (PCPNE).

source: iubilaeummisericordiae.va


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